The Island

When pushed to the edge of existence, do modern day men and women still have what it takes to survive?

Generations of people have wondered if they could survive being stranded on a desert island. But how would they cope if they had do to it – for real? And if they were totally alone with only themselves to rely on? 

The Island sets up the ultimate survival experiment to discover whether modern man is tough and resourceful enough to survive. 13 men or women are abandoned on a remote, uninhabited Pacific island for one month. They will be completely alone, filming themselves, with only the clothes they stand up in and some basic tools. The island may look like paradise, but behind the beautiful beaches it can be hell on earth. 

Can they survive when deprived of all the luxuries and conveniences of 21st century living? Will they be able to rediscover the skills of their forefathers and find the huntergatherer within? And what will they learn about themselves when life as they know it is stripped back to its basics?