Described as ‘Oprah’s successor’, Michelle Phan is a global phenomenon and the undisputed queen of lifestyle content, with an enormous fan base worldwide. Incredibly, her award-winning videos have now been watched well over 1.2 billion times on channels such as YouTube. And right now we’re bringing her enormous fan base back to linear TV with ICON, a show packed full of the fresh and relevant lifestyle content for which people turn to Michelle at every opportunity.

ICON is a magazine-style format that offers broadcasters an involving and exciting opportunity to align themselves with the digital generation and entice young and content-hungry viewers to their channels.

Just like the hugely popular online format, the TV adaptation has an extremely broad remit and covers an endless variety of the subjects that so many young people are interested in. Thus each show is full of content including fashion, beauty, lifestyle, wellness, travel, food, DIY and human interest. All adaptations can be adjusted to offer a unique twist, depending on local needs, trends and wants.

This thrilling new initiative combines Michelle Phan’s international appeal with the expertise of rising local stars, to deliver unbeatable original content in an ever-growing number of territories.